How to Open Demo Account

To open a demo account, you should execute the "File — Open an Account" menu command or the command of the same name in the context menu of the "Navigator — Accounts" window. Besides, at the first launching of the program, it will offer you to open a demo account to start trading immediately.


The following data will be requested at opening an account:

· Name — the user's full name;

· Country — the user's residence country;

· State — district (region, area, territory, state, etc.) of residence;

· City — city of residence;

· Zip code — zip code of residence;

· Address — precise address of residence (street, building and apartment, if appropriate);

· Phone — the user's contact telephone number;

· Email — the user's e-mail address;

· Account type — account type should be selected from the list determined by your brokerage company;

· Currency — basic deposit currency that is automatically set according to the selected account type;

· Leverage — the debt/equity ratio for performing trades;

· Deposit — the size of the initial deposit in the basic currency.

To activate the "Next" button and continue registration, you should check the "I agree to subscribe to your newsletter" field. Then you should select the server to connect to.


The list contains the addresses of all available servers, their names and pings. The most preferable server should be that having the smallest ping. Once you have been successfully registered, you will see the window containing the information about the account opened: "Login" — account number, "Password" — access password, "Investor" — a read-only password (in this mode, you can view the account status, analyze the price movements, but you cannot not trade in this mode).


Upon registration completion, the new account will appear in the "Navigator — Accounts" window. You can already start working with it. At the same time, the server will also send to the terminal a message containing the login and the passwords of this account. You can find this message in the "Terminal — Mailbox" window.


Upon successful account registration, this account will be authorized automatically.